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  • Precision tapered roller bearings in top pivot and trunnion assemblies provide smooth operation and long life.
  • Full supporting triangular base plate gussets are used (in lieu of struts) to minimize crane deflection, thus making it easier to accurately position loads.
  • Independent head assembly installed separately from the boom for easier installation.
  • Recessed bearing assembly allows greatly reduced clearances needed for installation.
  • Bolted head/boom connection permits separate installation and provides maximum lift for the hoist since it can be installed very close to the underside of the lower ceiling obstruction for greater headroom.
  • In-head, totally enclosed, bottom entry collector assembly allows for the option of easily adding power to the hoist for 360 degree rotation at the time of or after purchase.
  • Optional power rotation makes moving heavy loads even easier.
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  • Circular, 360 degree coverage areas.
  • Outdoor applications such as loading docks.
  • Applications underneath large bridge cranes.
  • Open areas where the jib can service a large radius.
  • Machining or assembly applications where one jib can be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged coverage.
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  • Freestanding jib crane series manual rotation stops.
  • Freestanding jib crane series bottom entry collector.
  • Freestanding jib crane series crane top entry collector.
  • Retrofit I universal motorized kit - 1/4 to 2 tons, 20 ft. maximum span.
  • Retrofit II universal motorized kit - 3 to 5 tons, 20 ft. maximum span.
  • Tagline assemblies to attach to jib boom.
  • Freestanding jib crane anchor bolt templates.
  • Multi-position lock device.
  • Single-position lock device.
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