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  • overhead crane inspections with ipads

    iPad Based Inspection System

    Inspections by Hoosier Crane are performed on iPads for professional and fast reporting. Ask for a demonstration of this new inspection system today.

Inspections provided by Hoosier Crane are a step above those provided by other crane service companies.  At Hoosier Crane the productivity and safety of our customers is of top importance.

Overhead Crane Safety Inspection

Overhead Crane Inspections

HOOSIER CRANE is dedicated to providing reliable, quality crane inspection and repair in a timely manner. Our focus on continuous improvement and ongoing training enables us to offer inspection and preventive maintenance programs that help you reduce downtime and costly production losses.

Hoist Inspection

Hoist Inspections

Whether operated manually by hand, or with air or electric power the maintenance and inspection of these hoists is essential to remain in compliance with OSHA standards and to help keep your facility running smoothly.

When you receive a crane inspection from Hoosier Crane you will not get a greasy carbon copy of a handwritten one page form like you do from other local inspectors.  Hoosier Crane utilizes an advanced interactive Apple iPad based inspection program to deliver professional inspection reports than can be emailed as PDFs immediately after an inspection.  Our crane inspection checklists are driven by the safety and regulatory standards including ASME,  CMAA, NEC and OSHA standards.  When our inspectors perform an inspection they record the details they need about your crane or hoist to make it easy to quote repairs of deficiencies and minimize  the cost and time of additional service calls.  They even photograph the problem areas on your equipment allowing the customer to see deficiencies directly in their inspection reports.  Our clear and detailed reports reference the standards that apply to the checklist items and allow equipment owners to easily prioritize repairs and upgrades to maintain safety and compliance.