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HSI 3 Ton Heavy Duty Jib Crane 18 Ft Span 14 Ft HUB

Manufacturer Part Number 351-6000-18-14
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Quick overview
HSI Model 351 3 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Freestanding Jib Crane 18 Foot Span 14 Foot Height Under Boom
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Product Specifications
Product Specifications
More Information
ManufacturerHandling Systems International
Manufacturer Part Number351-6000-18-14
Lift Capacity3 Ton
Span18 Feet
Height Under Boom (HUB)14 Feet
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Degrees of Rotation360°
ColorSafety Yellow

The Handling Systems International Model 351 heavy duty base mounted jib crane is engineered and designed for floor mounting on a foundation.

Freestanding 360 degree rotating jib crane. Mounts to floor using Handling Systems anchor bolts and recommended foundation.

The Model 351 Jib Crane is designed with safety features to prevent removal of head under accidental impact.

Boom is an American standard I Beam or wide flange beam, that conforms to AISC and ASTM standards. Girder is equipped with removable end stops for quick trolley installation and maintenance. Bearing housing is rigidly mounted on boom.

The mast consists of a heavy pipe design to withstand bending stresses without undue deflection to boom. Assembly is jig welded to insure vertical alignment.

Jib crane head is constructed of two heavy sides and reinforcing plates to permit balancing of stress. Lower roller assembly is mounted in a heavy duty machined carriage weldment. Assembly is supported by adjustable tension bolts to permit field adjustment, and to insure even pressure of the rollers on the mast. Roller bearings are furnished in each machined roller and are mounted to the frame through removable steel axles with grease fittings. Top bearing is a tapered roller radial thrust bearing.

The HSI Model 351 Freestanding Heavy Duty Jib Crane is base mounted, but is also available foundation mounted and foundation sleeve mounted.

All structural steel will be painted with one coat standard safety yellow enamel, unless otherwise specified.

General Jib Crane Information

Mounting Style: Model 351 – Heavy Duty Freestanding

Rated Capacity: 3 ton

Span: 18 Feet

Height Under Boom: 14 Feet

Overall Height: 15’-9”

Boom Beam Size: W21X62#

Crane Color: Safety Yellow

Foundation Size: 9’ x 9’ x 4’

Number of Anchor Bolts: 12

Crane Includes

  • I-Beam (boom)
  • Head Assembly
  • Bearing Cover
  • Mast & Baseplate
  • Trolley End Stops

Hoist Allowance: The total hoist allowance is 15% of the stated capacity.

Options and Accessories:

  • Top or Bottom Entry Collector – for continuous 360 rotation
  • Tight Wire (Tag Line) Kit - holds/carries/festoons power cord on jib boom
  • Rotation Stops - to limit the rotation
  • Anchor Bolts - to mount crane to foundation
  • Template - to assure proper alignment of anchor bolts
  • NOTE: Anchor Bolts and Template can be shipped out prior to the jib crane so the customer can install foundation and decrease down time.