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Hoist Inspections

  • Inspecting an Electric Chain Hoist on a Jib Crane

    All Hoists Need Inspections

    Whether it is a manual or power hoist, or if it part of a crane or just suspended by a beam clamp, all hoists need periodic inspections to comply with OSHA standards.

Overhead Hoist Regulations

Overhead hoists are used in many industries for various material handling and process functions.  Not all of these hoist are part of an overhead crane or monorail systems, so some customers mistakenly think they do not need to be inspected in the same way, with an annual or quarterly inspection. Whether operated manually by hand, or with air or electric power the maintenance an inspection of these hoists is essential to remain in compliance with OSHA standards and to help keep your facility running smoothly.

Many facilities have a mix of wire rope hoists, hand chain hoists, electric chain hoist and maybe even lever hoist that should be regularly inspected in order to maintain peek performance and safety.

Regulations regarding overhead hoists are not directly found in an OSHA standard, although some important information can be found in the general industry standard 29 CFR 1910.179, as it addresses overhead and gantry cranes, which have hoists on them.  The ASME/ANSI consensus standard B30.16 for ovehead hoists (underhung) is the industry standard that most specifically addresses the requirements for overhead hoist inspections.

Overhead Hoist Inspection Requirements

Prior to initial use, an overhead hoist should be inspected by a designated person and then at regular intervals there after to verify compliance with ASME/ANSI B30.16.  Specific inspection requirements can be found in Table 1 and Table 2 of the B30.16 standard.  

Inspections are classified into two different types:

  1. Frequent inspections that do not require documentation.
  2. Periodic hoist inspections that DO require documentation.

The interval between inspections depends upon the service level of the hoist. Service level varies between a hoist has frequent and heavy usage or infrequent maintenance tasks.  The owners manual of your hoist is a good source of reference to determine the service level of your particular hoist and the manufacturers recommended inspection interval.  

All Hoists Should Have At Least One Periodic Per Year

If you have question about when your hoist was last inspected, do not hesitate!  

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