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Overhead Cranes and Hoist Manuals | Help Center

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Hoosier Crane Help Manuals


If you prefer to use a manual when looking for help with your overhead crane or hoist, we have you covered. Print one out and take it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Standard of the Week

From ASME B30.2-2011
Section: 2-1.13(b)

Electrification Equipment

The Control voltage circuit shall not exceed 600V for AC or DC

Help Center Videos


Are you a visual learner? Our state of the art videos will guide you step by step through whatever obstacle you are facing.

Overhead Crane & Hoist Terms and Definitions

Crane and Hoist Definitions & Terms

Confused about a term or hear a word you've never heard before? Look it up here.

Help Center Articles

Hoist Duty Classification Hoist Name plate

Demystifying Classifications: FEM vs. HST Hoist Duties

Hoist Duty Classifications Standards Comparison: US vs. EU

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Double Girder Overhead Crane Without Green Grounding Power Bar

Grounding Overhead Cranes: What do the standards Require?

Learn which standards require overhead cranes to have grounding.

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How To Install an Overhead Crane with a Forklift

How to Set an Overhead Crane with a Forklift

Quickly Learn how to set an Overhead Crane with a Forklift with out step by step video guide to installing a bridge crane onto a runway system with a forklift.

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Wire Rope Hot Metal Hoist with an Aux hoist for pouring at Foundry

What are the requirements for hot metal hoists?

Hot Metal Handling hoists are held to different specifications than any standard duty hoist. If your crane is carrying hot or molten metal, it may be subject to additional safety standards per OSHA and ASTM.

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This load arrestor has a Blocstop Overspeed that measures the speed of its wire rope as it passes through the load arrestor. Detection of a speed over the predetermined value will engage the load arrestor and the load is stopped smoothly within a short distance.

Why & When you need a Load Arrestor

Material load arrestors are redundant braking systems to the lifting apparatus. They are designed to prevent the lifted item from falling in the event of a failure in any part of a primary-lifting device.

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Motorized Cantilever jib crane

Jib Crane Safe Operating Tips

Hoosier Crane Offers and full line of Jib Cranes and and Jib Crane Service and Inspections.

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Not everyone needs a 50 ton 110 ft span overhead crane. What is best for your application?

CMAA Guide to Selecting the Right Overhead Crane

Follow this CMAA guide for helping to select the right overhead crane for you application in order to maximize your investment and ease the buying process.

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Hoosier Crane offers 24/7 on call phone support for Overhead Crane Kit Customers

Six Reasons to Buy a Crane Kit from Hoosier Crane

Crane Kits are one of the products Hoosier Crane is known for. Learn a few of the many reasons you should buy an overhead crane kit from Hoosier Crane Service Company here.

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