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Harrington TCR 6 Ton Air Chain Hoist with Pendant Control

Manufacturer Part Number TCR-6000P-2
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Quick overview
Harrington's TCR Air Chain Hoists are designed with a heavy-duty standard body and are able to lift heavy loads in the most demanding or harsh environments. Available in cord control which allows operator to remain within reach of the load and pendant control that provides easier inching or feathering and permits operation from a remote location.
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Product Specifications
Product Specifications
More Information
Manufacturer Part NumberTCR-6000P-2
Chain ContainerNot Included
Lift Capacity6 Ton
Air Hoist ControlPendant
Lift Height10 ft.
Lift Speed5 (up) 7 (down) ft./min.
Air Supply Requirement48 – 90 cfm at 60 – 90 psi

Features and Benefits

Standard Hoist Specifications

Unlimited Duty Cycle
For continuous operation

Spring-Loaded Multi-Vane Motor Design
Permits very fine feathering control

High Strength Cast Iron Housing
Proven weather resistant and durable in harsh environments

Airtight Hoist
Results in efficient use of air

Comfortable Noise Levels
External muffler reduces noise level to 80dBA @ 1 yd. with no load

Heavy Duty Self-Adjusting Brake
For precise braking action

Standard Upper & Lower Limit Stops
Prevents over-travel of hook in either direction

Built-in Load Limiter
Pre-set to stop lifting when load is over rated capacity

Wear Resistant Load Chain
Grade 80, case-hardened for superior strength


Capacity Range
1/4 – 6 Ton
(see page 24 for 10 – 25 Ton)

Standard Lift
(longer lifts available)

Standard Pendant or Cord Length
4' less than lift
(longer lengths available)

Air Supply Requirement
48 – 90 cfm at 60 – 90 psi

Air Lubrication
Minimum 10 to 15 drops of oil per minute
(2 – 3 cc/min.)

Air Filtration
Maximum 5 micron air filter or finer required

Air Inlet Port
1/2" NPT

Air Supply Hose Minimum Size
1/4 – 2 Tons — 1/2"
3 – 6 Tons — 3/4"

Operating Conditions
Temperature range +14° to 140°F
Humidity 85% or less

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