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Gorbel FS300 Foundationless

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Quick overview
Gorbel FS300 Capacity Foundationless Jib Crane
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Product Specifications
Product Specifications
More Information
Mounting TypeFoundationless
Degrees of Rotation360°
ColorSafety Yellow

General Jib Crane Information

Mounting Style: FS300 Freestanding Foundationless

Capacity: 1/4 Ton

Rated Capacity: 1/4 Ton

Span: 8 Ft

Height Under Boom: 12 Ft

Mast Diameter: 8 in.

Beam Size: S6 @ 12.5 lbs/ft.

Flange Width: 3.332 in

Cap Channel: None

Crane Color: Yellow

Foundation: 5 ft. sq × 0.5 ft. deep

Overturning Moment: 5.3 K‐Ft

Axial Load: 1.29 Kips

Anchor Bolt Load: 0.89 Kips/Bolt

Design Impact: 25%

Crane OAH: 12.5 Ft

Crane Includes

  • Mast Assembly
  • Boom Assembly
  • Endstops
  • Head Assembly
  • Pivot Assembly
  • Heavy-Walled Trunnion Rollers

Hoist Allowance: The total hoist allowance is 15% of the capacity or 75 lbs maximum.

Foundation Requirements: Centered on a square foot area free from cracks, seams, and walls. 3000 psi wire mesh reinforced concrete and soil pressure of 2500 psf. Chemical anchor bolts must withstand a minimum of 3470 lbs. pull out force.