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Gorbel 150 lbs. Freestanding Tool Solution Jib Crane 6 ft Span 10 ft HUB

Manufacturer Part Number TSJ150-FS-150-10-6
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Gorbel 150 Pound Capacity Freestanding Tool Solution Jib Crane 10 Foot HUB 6 Foot Span
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Product Specifications
Product Specifications
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Manufacturer Part NumberTSJ150-FS-150-10-6
Lift Capacity150 lbs.
Span6 Feet
Height Under Boom (HUB)10 Feet
Mounting TypeFreestanding
Degrees of Rotation180°
ColorGorbel Blue

TSJ150: 150 Pound Capacity

For applications using heavier or higher impact tools, Gorbel offers the TSJ150. The lightweight design makes this higher capacity tool jib easy to operate as either a freestanding or a column/wall mounted style.

The slim profile of the TSJ150 features bracket centers of only 14 inches, making it ideal for applications with limited head room. Installing a freestanding model in a crowded work space is made easier with this jib, which does not require a special foundation.

Track Series: 250 Series Track

Axial Load: 555.99 lbs.

Anchor Bolt Load: 611.33 lbs.

Overturning Moment: 1415.64 ft-lbs.

Foundation: Centered on a square foot area 4' x 4' x 6" deep that is free from cracks, seams, and walls. Reinforced Concrete with Pressure of 3000 psi and Soil Pressure of 2500 psf. Chemical anchor bolts to withstand a minimum of 3,470 lbs. of pull out force. Concrete must contain wire mesh reinforcement.

Includes One Light Tool Trolley

Includes: Adjustable Friction Brake which limits over swing during highly repetitive cycles.

Available Options: Rotation lock, adjustable friction brake, Festoon saddles