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Gantry Cranes

Hoosier Crane offers a full range of Gantry Cranes for any budget, capacity or size.  Gantries are a great solution for mobile applications within a facility.  We offer  gantry crane solution small enough to be set up with 1 to 2 people and moved easily throughout a building on the small capacity. For bigger jobs we offer Motorized Gantry Cranes and Semi-Gantry Cranes that are great for larger loads up 15 tons and 40 foot spans.

Check below to learn more about specific types of gantry crane available or call today at 800-509-6131 to speak with one of our experienced crane specialists.

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Hand Push Gantry Cranes

Hand Push Gantry Cranes are an affordable and effective material handling solution for 1/2 ton to 10 ton capacities.

Motorized Gantry Crane

For larger capacity loads, up to 15 tons, with larger lift heights and spans, motorized options make it easier to move your load.