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Floor Mount Jib Cranes

Free Standing Jib Cranes are the industry's most versatile crane. They are perfect to place underneath large bridge cranes, in open areas where they can serve several workstations, in outdoor applications such as loading docks, or in machining and assembly operations where they can be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged operation.

Gorbel Freestanding Jib Crane

Free Standing Jib Crane

Free Standing Jib Cranes are Hoosier Crane's most usable cranes.

Gorbel Foundationless Freestanding Workstation Jib Crane

Free Standing Workstation Jib Crane

Workstation Jib Cranes are Hoosier Crane's ideal jib crane in place of the typical heavy I-beam Jib Cranes.

Foundationless jib crane

Foundationless Jib Crane

Our Foundationless Jib Cranes save time and money on installation. Most freestanding jib cranes require a poured foundation that adds to the overall cost, the jibs do not.

mast type jib crane

Mast Type Jib Crane

Floor support and ceiling stabilized, these jib cranes allow greater capacity and spans without costly footers.

150 pound portable jib crane

Portable Jib Crane

Fully portable jib cranes eliminate the need for costly site preparation and footing expenses and allow easy movement with a forklift.

150 pound tool jib crane

Free Standing Tool Jib Crane

Tool jibs can be used to support tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters and welding wire feeders.


  • Circular coverage areas
  • Outdoor applications such as loading docks
  • Applications underneath large bridge cranes
  • Machining or assembly applications