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Why do I have to have my overhead cranes and hoists inspected?

Four Simple Answers

Increased Human Safety: Having your "Frequent" and "Periodic" Inspections completed on a regular basis will most definitely provide a safer and more productive environment for your employees. Hoosier Crane meets or exceeds the ASME B30, OSHA, NEC and other specified requirements for crane inspections.

It is a Requirement: OSHA 1910.179 requires both a "Frequent" and "Periodic" Inspection be done on your crane and hoist equipment. OSHA will also incorporate by reference the ASME, ANSI, NEC and other industry standards.

Liability: Inspections performed by a trained and qualified inspector will reduce your exposure to accidents and equipment failures. Can you afford the legal fees and insurance premiums if someone gets hurt and 1.) the inspections were never performed and/or 2.) the inspections were performed by someone that was not qualified to do the inspections correctly?

Equipment Reliability: If you are performing inspections "Frequently" and "Periodically" your equipment will undoubtedly break down less, which leads to increased productivity. As noted in a study of the Process Industry, "You can expect a reduction between 60%-95% of your crane and hoist safety related defects in the first year if you have your overhead cranes and hoists inspected regularly." Hoosier Crane utilizes a predictive maintenance type inspection program that will substantially increase the reliability of your equipment.