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Why are the Free Standing Jibs that Hoosier Crane sells better than the competitors?

We have 3 reasons why our free standing jib cranes are better than the competition's.


1. Full gusset base plates

Other manufacturers typically utilize open gussets which can cause a warped effect.

Benefits of using full gussets:

  • Stronger base to support the crane
  • Less deflection at the tip of the boom


2. Large head size

Other manufacturers utilize a smaller head that can disfigure and damage the crane components leading to difficulty with the operation of the crane.

Benefits of larger head:

  • Eliminates crushing of trunnion rollers
  • Decreases deflection


3. Unique design of trunnion rollers

Prevents cutting into the mast, eliminating the need for a wear band. Other manufacturers use smaller trunnion rollers or cams that may actually carve into the pipe during rotation.


Benefits of these trunnion rollers:

  • Ease of rotation
  • No need for a wear band

Two types of trunnion roller assemblies are used:

  • Type 1 - single formed channel and two rollers for mast diameters of 16" or less
  • Type 2 - four rollers used for mast diameters of 18" or more