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What are the qualifications to inspect over head cranes and hoists?

First let's define a Crane Inspector.

A Crane Inspector is any person engaging in the testing, examination, and/or inspection of cranes, including, top running types, under running types, single girder or double girder types and the hoisting equipment associated with the cranes.

Now the Qualifications.

Experience: A crane inspector, according to CMAA, shall have at least 2,000 field hours of experience directly related to the maintenance, servicing, repairing, modifying and functional testing of cranes and the hoist equipment. CMAA also notes that under no circumstances should an individual be permitted to perform inspections who has not received appropriate training and does not have knowledge of the applicable codes and regulations of the equipment to be inspected.

Required Training: The inspector should have formal training in the areas of: safety and design codes that are related to overhead cranes; Federal, State and local codes and standards; safe operating practices of cranes and hoists; understanding of how to write a report and documentation procedures; and understand the crane and hoist terminology to better communicate.

The words "should" and "shall" are used throughout the codes and standards. The inspector shall receive training to understand the meaning of these words and be able to accurately explain if a corrective action is mandatory (shall) or is voluntary (should).