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How often do I need to have my overhead crane inspected?

OSHA 1910.179 breaks the inspections into two categories. "Frequent" & "Periodic"

Frequent Inspections: Daily to monthly intervals. (Visual and Operational Type)

  • Hooks, Hoist Chains, Wire Ropes and all functional operating mechanisms formal adjustment need to be checked daily. This is normally performed by the operator.
  • The Hooks, Hoist Chains and Wire Ropes need to also be more thoroughly inspected and documented on a monthly basis.

Periodic Inspections: Monthly to yearly intervals.(Complete Visual & Operational Type)

  • Normal service - annually
  • Heavy service - semi-annually (Heavy service is use at 80 to 100% of rated load or in excess of 10 lift cycles per hour as a normal procedure.)
  • Severe service - quarterly (Severe service is use at normal and/or heavy use in an abnormal environment such as high or low ambient temperatures, exposure to adverse weather, corrosive fumes, dust or moisture laden atmospheres, & hazardous environments A designated and qualified person shall determine whether conditions found during the inspection constitute a hazard and whether disassembly is required for additional inspection.