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Contrx Cranes

Since 1977, Contrx Industries has manufactured standard and custom-design equipment for the material handling industry. Since its initial focus in the late 70's as a manufacturer for catalog distribution and the U.S. Defense Department, Contrx has expanded its marketing through a nationwide distributor network of equipment suppliers and designers. Contrx maintains its own engineering and design department for custom applications in all areas of material handling, including the rapidly growing ergonomic field. Contact us with your application requirements or for the name of a distributor near you.

Contrx offers a large selection of jib cranes for many different applications.

Contrx Free Standing Jibs

Free Standing "A" Series


Our Heavy Duty 'A' Series free standing jib cranes are designed and constructed for industrial use with years of trouble-free service.  The jib crane boom is fabricated out of a steel "S"

 or "W" shaped I beam and have removable end stops.  A machined lower roller carriage is housed in the jib crane head section which feature heavy steel side plates. The lower roller carriage is mounted on adjustable tension bolts to allow for field adjustments.  The support column for the jib crane is constructed out of steel pipe with a heavy base plate and reinforcing gussets. Contrx jibs are designed for indoor use, and can be custom-modified for most outdoor applications. 

Installation options:
Foundation Mount

This method of mounting bolts the jib crane column to a pre-poured concrete footer. Once the jib crane column is secured to the footer a second concrete pour finishes the jib crane foundation and embeds the jib crane column in the foundation. The remainder of the jib is the same as the base plate mount jib crane.

Sleeve Mount

A sleeve mounted jib crane is similar to the Foundation Mount. Instead of the jib crane column, a steel sleeve is anchored to the concrete footer and embedded in the concrete foundation. The jib crane column is then inserted into the sleeve and held in place with a set of split collars that are welded to the column and the embedded sleeve.

Foundationless Mount

Simply another version of the Freestanding "A" Series, the Contrx Foundationless Jib does not require a buyer to pour a concrete foundation. The foundationless jib can be mounted on a base plate to any existing concrete floor, saving time and money.With this type of mounting the jib crane column assembly is bolted to a pre-poured concrete foundation with embedded anchor bolts. This style of jib crane mounting will allow 360 degree rotation of the boom with under clearances up to 20’-0” and standard boom lengths up to 20’-0”

Free Standing "B" Series

Contrx brand "B" series jib cranes are well engineered and constructed machines at economical prices. The upper pipe assembly is jig welded to assure accuracy. Two heavy duty lower thrust rollers with lubrication-free Teflon bearings assure smooth operation as the boom rotates on a tapered roller bearing atop the column assembly. The steel base plate and the column pipe are welded together mechanically to insure a square connection. Contrx jibs are designed for indoor use, and can be custom-modified for most outdoor applications.

Standard Contrx Free Standing Jib Crane Features Include:

  • Boom rotates 360 degrees
  • Rolled steel I-beam boom fits most standard hoist/trolley units
  • Bolt-on trolley end-stops allow for easy trolley installation
  • Safety yellow enamel primer and paint finish
  • Mounting details provided with installation instructions
  • Adjustable rollers on 2000 lb. capacity units allow for boom leveling

Optional Free Standing Jib Crane Features Include:

  • Anchor bolt kits
  • Base plate templates (paper or plywood)
  • Hoists and Trolleys
  • Boom rotation stops
  • Top entry electrical collectors
  • Tagline festoon kits
  • Contact us for special requests
We have a large line of free standing jib cranes with capacities from 500 lb. to 10,000 lb.  Standard boom lengths and clearance below the boom range from 8'-0" to 20'-0".

Contrx Wall Bracket Jib Cranes

Contrx wall bracket jib cranes are constructed out of high grade steel components and are designed for trouble free industrial use.  The hinges are equipped with self-lubricating Teflon bearings and hardened pins.  Contrx jibs are designed for indoor use, and can be custom-modified for most outdoor applications. Contrx wall bracket cranes are primed and finish in Cat Safety Yellow enamel.  Other colors are available, please contact the factory for details.

Contrx Wall Bracket jib cranes are available in two styles, The Full Cantilevered Wall Mount, and the Over-braced Tie Rod Wall Mount. Both styles have standard boom lengths up to 20'-0" and capacities up to 6,000 lb. 

Contrx Portable Jib Cranes

Contrx Crane new fully portable jib crane (patent pending) eliminates any need for the costly site preparation and footing expenses required by conventional floor mount jib cranes. This new jib design can be easily transported throughout your shop floor and workspace. Now you can have jib support on upper building levels or out of the way places. Contrx jibs are designed for indoor use but can be customized for outdoor function. Contrx Portable Jibs are available in standard design capacities of 250, 500, and 1000lb., and boom lengths to 14 feet.

Contrx Workstation Jib Cranes

Contrx's new workstation jib crane has been ergonomically designed for repetitive motion material handling applications. The low friction track and trolley reduces operator fatigue in pick and place operations. The trolley is included with the jib crane and will accept most small capacity hoist hooks.

Contrx Fork Lift Jib Cranes

Turn your lift truck into a mobile crane in minutes with a Contrx Telescoping Lift Jib or Pivot Boom Jib Lift. Move cumbersome items your forks can't reach. Enjoy the convenience of this versatile attachment without duplicating existing equipment. One person can install without removing forks.

Contrx Mast Type Jibs

Mast Type Jib Cranes are fastened between floor and ceiling and rotate on spherical roller bearings for ease of operation. Units are available in configurations as shown below.